SameSpace Ads

SameSpace makes it possible to have ADs occupy the same space as web content at the same time. This ensures a relevant viewing time and vastly increases the value proposition of the advertiser. Our patented technology creates a new kind of engaging advertising experience. SameSpace technology works in mobile, desktop, TV, video, kiosks, movies, etc.

SameSpace Advantages

  • Eliminates banner-AD-blindness.
  • Guarantees 100% AD viewability. No ignoring or interrupting, EVER!
  • Full screen shared with both content and AD at the same time.
  • Allows for interaction if the user desires to act on the AD.
  • Integrates seamlessly with existing games and websites.

SameSpace is Looking for Partners

  • Currently interviewing AD executives for advice, feedback, and connections.
  • Discovering integration partners.
  • Screening software engineers for contracting positions.
  • Looking for a technology partner to engage in a full litmus test.

SameSpace Potential Return on Investment

USA 2018 banner AD revenue was ~$24B ($13B mobile, $11B desktop).

SameSpace will license our technology to AD servers for a 5% upcharge over regular banner ADs. SameSpace is seeking $500k for sales and development in the first year to penetrate 1/1000th of the USA banner AD market yielding first-year revenue of $1.2M.

  • Worldwide 2018 banner AD revenue was ~$59B
  • USA 2018 digital AD revenue was ~$115B.
  • SameSpace projected gross income based on current trends:
    • Year 1: $1,200,000 – (1/1000 USA banner)
    • Year 2: $5,750,000 – (1/1000 USA digital)
    • Year 3: $57,500,000 – (1/100 USA digital)

Contact Information

Leu Beach